It’s simple:

Recipes for food. Recipes for drink. Some stuff about our garden. And when the weather permits, a spot of foraging. The Meaning Of Life and all that.



I use both Metric & Imperial. It depends on the recipe & what is being made. The wine recipes are mostly in Imperial, primarily because i don’t want to mess about with 454g of Damsons when 1 whole lb will do. Wine making isn’t an exact science.

If you have a trouble with converting between the two, please buy some digital scales. They have a useful little button that instantly switches between the two formats. Other than that Google is your friend.

Similarly, baking will be mostly in Metric as it IS an exact science, and calls for a more precise balance of ingredients. Says he, profoundly.



This website is about a Rector’s Husband. Not The Rector’s Husband. It’s about a ‘Real life husband of a Rector making stuff and sharing his enjoyment of doing so’. That kind of thing.

If you are here to find some guidance in your role as the spouse of clergy, or looking to purchase a fictional murder mystery novel of a similar title then i’m afraid you’re at the wrong website.

Or maybe you’re not. Pull up a pew, have a look around.