Blackberry Vodka

Blackberry Vodka


  • 1 lb Blackberries
  • 1 lb Sugar
  • 1 bottle of Vodka (75cl)


  • A large jar
  • Straining Bag
  • Wooden spoon

This really is the simplest thing to make, but tastes far more sophisticated than it should. Makes a great gift for Christmas, should you have the willpower to not sip away at it.

How to

Preparing the Blackberries: Place in salted water for a couple of hours or overnight to get rid of the grubs. Carefully take them out in batches, wash in a sieve. Freeze in 1lb bags.

If you are using fresh Blackberries, I would still freeze them once to help break them down. Freeze overnight, then thaw out & use.

Place the Sugar in a large jar (Kilner Jars are good, or I use old sweet shop jars foraged from car boot sales).

Pour over the Vodka & stir until the Sugar is dissolved (save the bottle in case you want to rebottle it).

Throw in the Blackberries & stir vigorously.

Put on the lid and put away somewhere dark for a month (stir the contents once a day).

Strain through the bag into another jar & either bottle or keep in the jar.


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