Elderflower & Lime Vodka

Elderflower & Lime Vodka


  • 10 Elderflower heads, stalks removed
  • 5 oz Sugar
  • 2 Limes, juice & grated zest of
  • 1 75 cl bottle of Vodka


Try to have as little stalk as possible going into your jar. One trick is to leave the flower heads overnight in a plastic bag – the flowers will just fall off with a quick shake. However you will lose some of the heady flavour – use 20 flower heads to compensate.

How to

Separate the flowers from the stalk as much as you can (see photo).

Put the flowers into a seal-able glass jar (or cover with cling film but it can get sticky!).

Put in your Sugar, Lime Juice & Zest.

Pour in the Vodka & stir well to dissolve the Sugar.

Leave 2 days.

Strain into a bottle.

Serve over ice.

You could allow this to settle as the pollen will create a sediment – when settled, strain again through a coffee filter paper. Re-bottle. 

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