Plum Vodka

Plum Vodka


  • ¬†1 lb frozen plums, including stones
  • 6 oz Sugar (to taste)
  • 1 bottle of Vodka


  • Large¬†jar
  • Straining bag

A bit of an experiment with a long-frozen bag of Plums, some cheap Vodka and some Sugar to taste. It will take on a brown colour rather than the red/pink you would get if using fresh plums. It doesn’t look as nice but tastes rather dandy all the same.

How to

Put the Sugar into a large enough jar to hold everything (hey, if you want technical information you’re in the wrong place!)

Pour on the Vodka & mix to dissolve as much as you can.

Throw in the defrosted Plums & stir well.

Leave for at least a month, stirring every day or when you remember.

Strain back into the original bottle, or miniatures for your mini-bar.



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