Wild Garlic Greens

Wild Garlic Greens


  • a good handful of Wild Garlic
  • Chili Flakes
  • Butter or Rapeseed Oil
  • Salt



  • Pans, Bowls, Drinking Straw, Freezer Bags, Salad Spinner or Tea Towels.

The Wild Garlic season is far too short, so I like to blanch it in cook-able portions & freeze it. It won’t keep its flavour for more than 6 months, but means you can enjoy this tasty side dish more a few months more.

How to

Pick yourself a good handful of Wild Garlic.

Throw it in the sink, give it a good wash, and remove any flower buds or other leaves you have picked along the way.

Put your stripped Wild Garlic into the pan of boiling water, count to 10, then remove and quickly put into the iced water.

Give it a good swirl around to separate.

Drain the Wild Garlic & either use a Salad Spinner or lay out on a clean tea towel to remove moisture.

Place some kitchen roll on a plate & space out the leaves, cover with another piece of kitchen roll and leave for 30 mins to dry a little.

To Cook:

Defrost (or from blanched).

Heat a pan with some Rapeseed Oil or knob of butter on a medium heat.

Throw in the Wild Garlic and stir fry gently for 2 minutes.

Add a pinch of Salt.

Add a large pinch of Chili Flakes.

Stir a couple of times, serve & eat.

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