Wild Garlic & Walnut Pesto

Wild Garlic & Walnut Pesto



  • 100g Walnuts
  • 50g finely grated Parmesan
  • 2 large tablespoons blended Wild Garlic
  • 100ml Rapeseed Oil (or Olive Oil) & extra for storage.
  • 1/2 teaspoon flaked Sea Salt



Wild Garlic, also known as Ramsons, Buckrams,  Broad-Leaved Garlic, Wood Garlic, Bear Leek or Bear’s Garlic, is famously good for you – known to reduce blood pressure as well as possess antibacterial, antibiotic & antiseptic properties.

How to

First of all you need to prepare your Wild Garlic. Pick a good two or three handfuls, only taking the leaves & not uprooting any bulbs.

Use whatever you have to blend the Wild Garlic – I put mine in the food processor first, then scoop it out, add a little Rapeseed Oil (or Olive Oil) to get things moving, then blend with a hand blender (the kind you use for blending soup – see photo above).

Put the Walnuts into the food processor & give them a blitz until they resemble lovely little Walnut crumbs. Add the Oil & blended Wild Garlic and give it a quick spin to mix. Add in your grated Parmesan & again, just for 5 seconds, give it a mix.

Put in a sterilised jam jar, pour on a little Rapeseed Oil and store in the fridge. Top up with oil as you use it – to stop it drying out & ultimately spoiling. Will keep for months.

I would recommend making it with the best Rapeseed Oil you can find as it complements the flavours better than Olive Oil. Ideal for spreading on bread, mixing into mash, flavouring bread, accompanying the cheeseboard etc.

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